Monday, December 7, 2009

Dr. System v 2.1.54

Dr. System v 2.1.54

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Dr. System 2.1 is a maintenance utility for windows 98 , ME and XP, designed to make common system maintenance tasks run faster and easier.

Dr. System 2.1 operations are faster than regular system maintenance tasks because it runs the standard Microsoft Windows system utilities in a highly optimized environment. Most of the un-important functions on your PC are disabled in this environment resulting in fewer external applications writing to disk or using up your valuable system memory while these programs run.

Dr. System 2.1 is easier to use than the standard system maintenance tools because all the important functions are grouped together in one application, allowing the user to select those operations which are best suited at that moment.

Dr. System 2.1 also supports scheduling, allowing tasks to be completed without user intervention during times when you will not be using your PC with auto shutdown function to Shut Down your PC after completation of batch jobs. It also includes a Temporary File Cleaner "Mr. Clean" which will optionally clean your system garbage before using system tools which will result in a boost to your PC's Performance.

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(1). Perform Maintenance task like Temporary file cleaning, Defragmentation and disk error checking with ease and fast ( as it does all this when there is very little Disk I/O).

(2). Schedule Maintenance tasks.

(3). Automated Operation with no user interaction, option to shut down PC after completing jobs.

(4). Detailed Log Viewer.

(5). Easy to Use , Simple GUI , see screenshot.

(6). Comes with Mr. Clean a Safe Temporary File Cleaner with Click and Go ease nothing to configure, works in safe mode without any configuration (IDIOT PROOF).

(7). Sound notification.



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