Monday, December 7, 2009

CryptLoad Rapidshare & MegaUpload Auto-Downloader

Photobucket,CryptLoad Rapidshare & MegaUpload Auto-Downloader

CryptLoad is software tools to automate file downloading from file-sharing services like, and amongst many other.

Photobucket,CryptLoad Rapidshare & MegaUpload Auto-Downloader,MegaUpload Auto-Downloader

Features Include:

* Easy and automated file downloading from all the major one-click file hosters.
* Automated OCR/CAPTCHA, in our tests decoding worked only few times
* Automatic renew of IP address.
* Support for PREMIUM downloading with multi-part download.
* Automatic link decoding of link protetor services like
* File plugin system to add more services.
* Full support and bug tracking system.
* very prety GUI.



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