Monday, October 24, 2011

The Red Ribbon Week

red ribbon week

Red Ribbon week is about free drug week. Red ribbon week start on monday marked by Lacey Township, 24 october. many activities organised targeting the school children. Based on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) website, Red Ribbon week is the nation largest and oldest drug prevention program and usually organised at the last week of October each year. All students wear ribbons in red and join in community anti-drug events, pledging to live without drug in life.

“When students see the majority of their peers have made the smart decision to be substance-free by wearing red during the week, it lessens pressure to become involved in drugs,” said Margaret Rand, Advisor of the Lacey Township High School Association Against Drugs and Alcohol (AADA). “It shows that our students are too smart to start.”

Every student in grades K to 12 will receive a reminder gift sponsored by the Lacey Municipal Alliance. Children in the elementary schools will receive pencils and middle and high school students will be given rubber bracelets.

Over the course of Red Ribbon Week, there are several activities planned to encourage students to lead a substance-free, healthy life:

On Monday, October 24, the Municipal Alliance is sponsoring a Halloween party with an anti-drug theme for elementary school children.

Members of AADA will be visiting all the homerooms at Lacey Township Middle School to promote involvement in sports and activities rather than substances.

An assembly program will be held at the high school called “Steered Straight,” which presents a powerful message to students about drugs, alcohol, gangs and bullying. Rand said the program is being paid for with Truth About Gangs (TAG) grant money. The Steered Straight assembly uses speakers who are former troubled adolescents who have turned their lives around.

All people must join this week because drug is so dangerous, with ur participation, we can get rid the drug existence in our life and country.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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