Friday, December 4, 2009

Dark Fall Lost Souls

Dark Fall Lost Souls

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You have unfinished business with the dead.Return to the Train Station and Hotel at Dowerton for a second time; there is a new mystery to solve, and new horrors to face. The old buildings have deteriorated since your last perilous adventure, so you must watch your step, and never turn your back on the darkness…for something hides there; Something evil, unknowable and hungry.The dead of Dowerton are the least of your problems, as you are stalked from one derelict room to the next, by the Dark Fall itself. It wants your soul; to feed upon, devour and torture. You must make the ghosts of the hotel your ally, through any means you can. For it is only through successful exorcisms that you will gain the strength to battle the darkness that lurks in that long forgotten, abandoned place.




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