Thursday, August 13, 2009

NetQin Mobile Assistant v2.2.00.36 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Freeware

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NetQin MOBILE ASSISTANT is a model of completely free software, mayrealize: the mobile phone applicationmanagement and Quick starts , thedownload of handset softwares andcoupons in security , display theweather forecast on the handsettabletop directly, provide fast accessfor the constellation, newsinformation and website, theindividual and safe lock keyboardfunction.Intimate management of mobile phone applicationFor the applications of mobile phone,NetQin Assistant performs groupmanagement; For the applications incommon use, the user can set up such applications according to need bymeans of NetQin Assistant, so as toquickly start such applications byconveniently clicking the left buttonon menu. Meanwhile, the uniqueintelligent sorting function can realizedynamic sorting according to the usefrequency of software.Access Internet in a shortcut way - one-touch keyNetQin Assistant provides websitenavigation function and provides theuser with the shortcut entrances tohot websites. Any user can alsoaccess the website in common usethrough flexible configuration.Weather forecast and luck tendency of constellationNetQin Assistant will display the up-to date weather forecast on thedesktop of mobile phone, so as tofacilitate the user to view. Meanwhile, it can daily provide the lucktendency forecasts according to user's constellations, thus addingsome

interests in life.Personalized phone locking: Safe and ConvenientNetQin Assistant can lock and unlockthe mobile phone according to thepersonalized press key combinationset by the user, and can even set upthe function of delayed locking, so as to prevent user's mobile phonefrom being used by anyone else whenit is not around the user for a periodof time, thus providing the user with more thoughtful security guarantee.Service for life and daily hot points. NetQin Assistant will provide userswith practical life information ondiscount, lottery and life skills.

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