Monday, August 17, 2009

AMV Video Converter

Many of you must have seen highly popular and very cheap chinese MP3/MP4/MTV players supporting a not so well known video format - .AMV, these S1 MP3 players claim to support MP4 videos but in reality suport the .AMV file format having low video compression ratio, low resolution and frame rate, the .AMV video file sizes are small as compared to DVD/VCD/etc. , also the encoding and decoding are less processor-intensive than other contemporary formats.

There are not many tools to encode videos to AMV format, the most used software is freeware "AMV Video Converter" supporting following file formats:

-AVI format file: *.avi
-Windows Media format file: *.asf, *.wmv
-MPEG1 format file: *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat
-real player format file: *.rm. *.ram, *.rmvb
-quick time format file: *.mov
-MPEG2 format file: *.vob
-Flash format file: *.swf

The AMV Video converter tool comes with AMV Convert Tool, Media Manager, AMV Player, MP3 Player Disk tool, and MP3 Player Update tool.

download Free AMV Video Converter Here (Size : 15.5 MB) >>


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